Giant Kitty Couch

cat couch

Just what I need for my apartment! An enormous napping kitty shaped couch! Yes, this couch is real. It’s a piece created for an art project entitled “HABITAT” in 2010, where artists filled empty spaces in an unused building with sculptures and other installations.

This piece is titled “Felis Domesticus” and was made by Belgian design studio “Unfold“. Here are some process photos of the creation of this amazing piece. What en enormous undertaking (pun *so* intended).

Here’s their pattern, should you decide to build your own cat couch to cuddle! Please make us one too (preferably in mint green)! 😀

More articles on this piece (as well as sources for the images above):

Unfold’s portfolio site-



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  1. Cy says:

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    so cute :3

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