Personal Post Friday!

It’s Friday, and I am doing my best to post non-work-related things every Friday! Mostly it’s been snapshots from my week, things of that nature. Last weekend was the long weekend (Canada Day) and I managed to pack the entire thing with socializing as the rest of July seems to be very full of work. We’re doing lots of photoshoots while the weather is “nicer” (debatable)!

We’re also beginning to plan new things for the fall, so that’s fun. And I finally decided on my first Halloween costume for this year (I usually end up with a couple of costumes as I start work on them in the summer). 🙂


Atticus dozing in a sunny patch on the bed.


An older photo of me on the way home from Salon Noir. No, that is not real fur (H&M googly eyed toy fox scarf).


A bunny head “apron” I made in 2011. That year I was fully dedicated to dressing like some sort of hobo ghost. Lots of hand dyed pale things and layers and medical insignia. I kind of miss it, as my interests have shifted a bit from there.


Wow, *almost* an outfit photo. This is how I dress now much of the time. Recipe- layer old 1960s negligee over hand printed tshirts and tights, with a big cardigan on top, and a bunch of hair clips or necklaces or both.


Underwater (me).

I shall try and force myself to take at least some interesting photos soon. I feel like the most boring person employed in a creative field ever lately. 😛


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