Personal Friday Update!

Friday yet again! Time for another round of my Personal Friday updates. 🙂 Silly photos from my week and things specifically not work-related.

goblin cat

While I was doing the makeup for our recent shoot with models Daria and Hannah Bloodbunny our photographer snapped some amusing mid-play photos of my kitties! Goblin is not the most elegant animal, but this captures her expression perfectly.


Atticus is much more serious at play. A knotted ball of aggressive small cat-ness.


Me working door at Salon Noir! It was such a great show! I ended up basically just wearing one of my Halloween outfits from this year, complete with tiny ghost carousel hat.

carousel hat

Here’s a “better” picture of the hat. Yes, that is a wig. It’s kind of fun to be blonde for a few hours, but I don’t think it suits me well enough to commit to with my real hair.

IMGP1693Having a boozy drink and sketching during the downtime at door duty. 🙂

salon noir toronto

The amazing Mistress McCutchan introducing performers at Salon Noir- Devil’s Cabaret! Please forgive my terrible camera. Someday I’ll get a grown up camera…someday.

sex gang children salon noir

The band Sex Gang Children was the headlining act for the evening, they were fantastic! 😀

Here are some photos of aspects of my apartment. It’s like a faintly blurry pixel-y tour of my hovel…


Some of my hair clips. These are hanging from 2 lengths of elastic attached to my bathroom wall as a “clever” storage solution for my piles of hair goodies.


My ridiculous flocked velvet chandelier. It was sold as a Halloween decoration but it’s metal and quite cute so it’s become a year round fixture in my place.


This violet plant on my windowsill has been blossoming like crazy! It’s taking over my window with it’s weird hairy leaves and fringed flowers.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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