Taeden’s Fridge Mess

For this week’s version of our Personal Update Friday I am going to show you my refrigerator. Haha! It’s covered in junk and is mildly interesting (hopefully).

taeden's fridge

This is my fridge. This is the first thing people see when they walk into my bizarre apartment, and it’s where all the odds and ends that don’t end up on my various mood boards go. It’s constantly evolving (read- being covered in layers of crud).


Eye Spy- Vintage 60s Christian comic page, Jane Mai art postcard, my nephew dressed as a vampire photo, vintage 60s valentines, magnetic school photos of me from grades 2/3, real candy, a bloody hand, and Jesus and a Spice Girl. 😉

The damask panel is leftover wallpaper from when we had our rented studio outside of the city and we redecorated it. It’s just held on with magnets.


The internet so needs more unflattering photos of my head. What’s with the expression (not to mention cowlick)? 😛

Have a good weekend everyone! I’ll be working on props for our spring/early summer line photoshoot!!


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