Personal Update Friday!

I’ve decided to try a new idea! Generally I am very tentative about posting personal updates here, but apparently people are curious about the person behind the curtain. I am unfortunately not a wizard and kind of a workaholic so I don’t think I am very fascinating, but I will see what I can do. And maybe it’s not so scary to be visible. 😉


My kitty Gob (Goblin) models our new notecards!

So here’s my new goal! Every Friday I’m going to try to post highlights from my week. Behind the scenes Gloomth-things, outfit things, crafty things, ranty things, just anything more personal than business related. I recently got a new and adorable little pocket camera so I’ll share lots of blurry poor quality photos of my head/clothes/things and likely some artwork here and there also!

I drew this minty green eyepatch-kitty as a sort of pseudo logo for myself, heh. He now adorns a rather tacky red gingham loli dress of mine (and soon other things)!


Waiting for Mistress McCutchan at Dundas Square in Toronto.


I made pearly-jewely kitty ears! You’ll see them in an upcoming photoshoot. 😉

I do apologize for the bazillion photos of my head. Mostly I take a lot of makeup shots for my own reference, as I’m always trying styles out before using them for shoots. I am also vain, heh. 😛

dress (2)

My incredible cat dress. Based loosely on our “Chrysanthemum” pattern but with 100% more KITTIES!


Sorry for the wretched restaurant bathroom photo. This is my Amazing Pink Cat Dress. Made out of this awesome 1950s reproduction fabric I found. Meow!

Taeden Hall

Playing around with neon lipstick. Also wearing a minty green housecoat…


I put insane appliques on a vintage sweater! Eyepatch bunny with faux pearls!!! 😀

Please let me know what sorts of things you’d like to see in these personal updates! More outfit photos? More of my own crafty stuff? Photoshoot preparations? My kitties (haha)? 😀


About gloomth

Gloomth is a love letter to the misfits of the misfits. Our blog covers strange lifestyle inspiration, diy ideas, our clothing label photoshoots, and more. Written by Gloomth designer Taeden Hall.
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4 Responses to Personal Update Friday!

  1. Ztad diChimici says:

    All of the above? ^^

  2. Melissa says:

    I’d love tutorials on how to make unique and unusual appliques, pins, bows and hairpieces to individualize vintage clothing! There are a lot of beautiful vintage pieces, but many need new life breathed into them (preferably via bunny appliques)! 😉

    And I really love this post. I look forward to all of your zine updates, but Fridays will be especially interesting now!

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