The Carmilla Dress

Part of our recent collection inspired by the classic tale “Carmilla” (as released by the House of Pomegranates Press and illustrated by Taeden Hall).

The second design in our mini collection to honour the story is our “Carmilla” dress.


This dress is every bit as dark and mysterious as the vampire girl it is named for.  It’s inspired by the deepest shadows, the velvet breath of a predator on one’s throat.

Our “Carmilla” dress has a short cotton velvet bodice. The fabric feels luscious and not at all costumey (unlike high pile or stretch velvet). With a black cotton yoke with high Victorian style collar and detachable bow. The skirt features rows of ruffles.

IMGP9189 copy

It matches our “Mircalla” capelet perfectly, for an easy vampire-inspired ensemble.


2 thoughts on “The Carmilla Dress

  1. This really is just so beautiful. I think if I owned this dress, knowing the attention to detail put in and the kindness of the designer, this would be an item I would cherish more than a $500 dress from Moitie or something. I mean it. ^_^

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