Black Weekend Sale!

We have never thrown a Black Friday sale, being Canadian our Thanksgiving is earlier in the year (despite my cravings for bread stuffing). But since we still have time before our in-time-for-Xmas deadline and would love to see our ‘Cult made apparel under some trees- we’re going to try it out! šŸ˜€

We are allergic to doing what everyone else does so our Black Friday is going to be a Black Weekend instead! No trampling or lining up outside at 4am required for our sale either, stay inside where it’s warm and there are leftovers to eat. šŸ˜‰

This weekend, from Friday November 23rd til midnight Monday November 26th, our entire site will have FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $150. Get your holiday outfit and/or a great gift for someone else and we’ll deliver it to you for free, anywhere in the world. This applies to any number of orders to any person, the only stipulation is it has to be over $150. This is a considerable savings, of up to $25.50 in some cases!


Please share this coupon code or even just the ad picture with your friends! The more interest we have in sales and discounts the more of them we’ll do in the future. šŸ™‚


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