Iris Dress Available in More Colors!

We’re slowly overhauling our entire catalogue in response to suggestions and comments made through a recent survey! 🙂 One of the first things we’re doing is offering our items in more colors! Many of our classic designs will soon be available in black, white, pale cream, or cranberry red cotton blends. That way you can customize your pieces to suit your own wardrobe and style! We also offer custom colors as tailored options if you like.

Our popular “Iris” dress is now available in all of those colors. We think it will look exquisite in the lush cranberry red or lovely worked into a dolly kei style coordinate in pale cream cotton.

Are there other basic colors you wish we offered? A pale pink maybe? Greens?


7 thoughts on “Iris Dress Available in More Colors!

      1. Oh yes, a pale classic blue would be such a pretty color for a lot of our pieces!
        I really like pale blues in my own wardrobe right now. :)!

  1. Personally, I’d go for this in a green (like the Verdant dress, which I have also always loved, but I love the cut of this one more, so if they were combined into one awesome super dress I would buy it in a heartbeat.)

      1. I’m starting to think it’d be deeply shocking if I ever purchased something from you in the color you originally intended. =P

        Well, I have both the Itoshii colors as is, at least!

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