Vampire & Victim Costume Inspiration

Halloween is mere calendar-inches away! If you haven’t picked your costume yet we have been posting all sorts of inspiration and ideas here in the Gloomthzine.


Looking to dress up with a friend? Matching or coordinating costumes are a fun way to go for the holiday. One of our favorites is a Vampire and his/her victim!

For the Vampire half of this duo we recommend something decadent and solid black, with a Victorian or antique feel. Our “Sorrow” dress in black would be ideal for a vicious femme vampire or for a male Vampire we’d suggest our classic “Lord Wotton” blouse with jacquard or striped trousers. The vampire will need pale makeup and the focus should be on the lips, costume fangs are readily available at most costume shops this time of year (and are obviously useful year round)! Accessories such as gloves or a cape add to the eerie feel of the elegant Vampire aristocrat.


The Vampire’s Victim is not your typical victim, she has a stake hidden up her sleeve or maybe she is simply longing to become an undead monster herself! For our interpretation of the Vampire’s Victim we went to Carmilla and her mysterious nocturnal wanderings.

Half Sick of Shadows
A classic nightdress, such as our “Shalott”, in soft cotton is an easy choice for that! Paired with cotton otk stockings and simple heels it’s an easy outfit to coordinate. For added effect we used vintage negligee for her flowing translucent jacket. Keep the makeup pale with the eyes washed in grey and black for a sleepless haunted feel. Two pin pricks of blood on the neck suggest the Victim has already met the vampire!


More inspiring vampire photos can be found in our flickr!


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