Pumpkinhead Photoshoot!


Our “Pumpkinhead” photoshoot is one of our most asked about and remembered series! Since Halloween is just around the corner we thought it might be fun to revisit these spooky photos, as well as answer some questions we often receive about it.


Yes, that’s a real pumpkin on model Mouse’s head! Yes, it was really heavy. She would wear the pumpkin for a few photos and then we’d take it off so she wouldn’t strain her neck  trying to hold it up.

The outfit in this photo is our lovely “Ghost” skirt paired with the “Pepper” shrug. We coordinated it with grey textured tights and black knee-highs. Mouse wore her own pointed heels. The wrist cuffs were made especially for the shoot.


This was also the shoot where I frightened a small child that was coming down the path with it’s dad by wearing the pumpkin and stumbling out and across the path. I am not a good person ;). Hehe.


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