Sample Sale!

We’re making room in our studio for more new designs, so we really need to find homes for some discontinued, sample, and one of a kind pieces!!!!!! These are *very* discounted. All of these items ship worldwide for $10 ($5 within Ontario). If you’d like something on the list send me an email (taeden @ gloomth dot com), the item will go to the first person who pays for it. šŸ™‚

DISCONTINUED “Gunmetal Sulphide” Dress! Gorgeous steel coloured satin with a zipper closure. Size XS/S, bust up to 35″
Art Nouveau

Lady Brandon” Tennis dress (without matching tie)- MEDIUM. Bust 36-38″, Waist- 28-29″. Sample. šŸ™‚ $85 (save over $30!).

St.Gloomth Academy

“Noir” Coat. Size- XL!!!! Would also fit an XXL due to the open front lacing. Bust- 42-44″ish, Waist- 36″. Never worn.

Price- $80 (save $20!).

Gloomth & Velvet Mechanism

One of a Kind! Bright red plaid corset skirt. It’s like our “Sapphire” style, with black lace between the red and the ruffle, lined in black cotton, back zipper. The grommets have not been installed in the skirt but will be when it is purchased! This design never reached our catalogue as the red plaid is quite stiff and not ideal, that does not mean it isn’t beautiful and totally wearable it just won’t be sold in our shop. Size: XSmall Waist- 22-26″

Price- $65

One of a Kind! Victorian bodice top! This cute top never made it to our catalogue but is really pretty. Features a panel of black and white Victorian pattern cotton at the front, button closure, pleated peplum, white tailed bows, ruffled neckline. Size XSmall/Small Bust- up to 34.5″, waist 26″.

Price- $50

One of a Kind! Long sleeved Victorian bodice blouse. Similar to the one above. This gothic top has long sleeves with puffed shoulders that come in at the wrist and flounce into two layers of ruffles. Button closure, ruffle trim, black and white Victorian patterned cotton at the front. Size XS/S Bust- up to 34.5″, waist 26″. (Sorry for the bad photos)

Price- $50

*SOLD!* “Lord Wotton” Mens Blouse, Sample. Black cotton. Size small, chest fits about a 35″ or thereabouts (lots of room).

St.Gloomth Academy Graduate

DISCONTINUED! Waist cincher belt. Wow, I was surprised to find this sample in our studio it’s from about 3+ years ago and was a limited run! It’s a cotton twill corset style belt, lightly boned (not for waist training). Industrial side steel zipper, satin front panel, back lacing through loops. Size XSMALL Waist- 24″

Price- $35

**Again, if you would like to purchase any of these please send me an email (taeden at gloomth dot com) letting me know and we’ll send along an invoice via paypal (you do not need a paypal account to pay using the invoice).**


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