Additional Samples for Sale!

Our studio closet is packed. Lots of discontinued designs and sample sizes that need to find new homes! In a determined bout of spring cleaning we are selling them off here, at super discounted prices!

DISCONTINUED “Gunmetal Sulphide” Dress! Gorgeous steel coloured satin with a zipper closure.

1-Size XS/S, bust up to 35″

1-Size Medium(ish), bust up to 36.5″
Art Nouveau

*SOLD!!** DISCONTINUED “Agnes” Dress! As inspired by the beautiful House of Pomegranates version. Size S, bust 34″ waist 28″.
$75 (on left)
After Hours

*SOLD!** DISCONTINUED “Petit Four” Mint Green dress!

Size: Small

Bust- 34″, waist 28″

Price- $80 (retailled for $110)

**SOLD! *** ONE OF A KIND! Blue “Nautical” dress! (Was created as a sample to test the color option- never worn! The bow is longer than our catalogue version but is removable)

Size: XSmall

Bust- 33″, waist 24″

Price- $65

 **SOLD!** DISCONTINUED “Nihilisse” Coat. Original Price- $220

This was a very early design for Gloomth and this is the original sample. It has never been worn outside of 1 photoshoot. It is however missing it’s lace-on cuffs so the sleeves end about 3″ above the wrist, but have grommets in them which looks cool. Gorgeous black cotton twill, beautiful cut. The back laces the length of your spine through steel grommets (will include black ribbon for this).

Size: Small to Medium.

Bust- up to about 37-38″, waist up to 30″

Price- $95

“Noir” Coat Size XL (for some reason I cannot recall we have one in stock in this size).

Bust- 42-44″, waist 36″ (remember it’s open at the front so very flexible with sizing)

Price- $85 (retails $100)

Shipping for our Sample Sale items is $10 worldwide, via Air Mail (if you order more than one item we’ll figure something out for combined shipping). 🙂


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