Model Interview with Fine Lines

Model Fine Lines has been in several of the recent Gloomth photosets in everything from a pink bunny hat to casting spells in an occult themed shoot! She’s versatile and adorable and completely awesome!

Bored Bunny

She filled out our Model Interview so you can get some background on why we like her so much. 😀

  • How did you get started modelling? How long have you been modeling? Do you consider yourself a “professional model”?

    Most of my friends are swell photographers so i kinda just ended up lending a face to bide some time at the start, but i would not consider myself professional as it is a pure hobby at my age. I had my first designer shoot in 2009.

    How did you choose your Gloomth model nickname?

    One morning i woke up and first thing that popped in my head was fine lines, that’s it. Im pretty sure i fell asleep to wrinkle cream infomercials.

    Occult Practice

    Tell us about the craziest photoshoot you’ve ever participated in! Any silly mishaps?

    Nothing too crazy ever happens, well nothing I’d consider crazy happens, but being chased off the set of the new silent hill movie was pretty silly! Climbing in and out of abandon homes and factories in heels covered in faux blood is always fun. I most enjoy biking home from shoots with big hair and makeup on and seeing people’s reactions on the streets.

    What’s your favorite Gloomth outfit?

    Comely Belle dress is pretty much the cutest thing that exists in my opinion.

    In the Attic

    What do you do outside of modeling?

    hang out with my black cat. Yup, im cool.

    How would you describe your personal style? Do you prefer to dress up or be a slouch?

    I wouldn’t claim I have an exact style. I like to dress to the occasion, be it classy, goth, punk, metal, girly or bizarre. In my head im a 16 year old Japanese girl on budget.

    What five things do you have with you in your bag/purse/whatever at all times?

    Wallet, keys, planner, smokes, lighter and emergency makeup. Everything I carry on me is generally hello kitty themed.


    If you had a marketing slogan or tag-line for yourself what would it be?

    The normies think im alternative.
    The alts think im normal.
    I am fine lines.

    Or just ‘fuck pants’

    What do you spend most of your online time doing?

    I use tumblr far too much. I cant help it.

    Occult Practice
    Top three worst movies you’ve ever seen?

    Most American blockbusters.

    Where else can we find you online?

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