Gloomth Fashion Show

Last autumn our peculiar little family carried ourselves out of the tower and crept into Salon Noir armed with our strange fashions and confetti canons. Our exuberant and eccentric models swanned, skipped, and sashayed down a runway in full Gloomth attire.

We don’t do many live shows, we prefer to keep to our shadows and spiderwebs, but when we do them they are always extra-special. Set to beautiful music composed by the Sitwells (written just for us! yes, we are that spoiled) and styled by an awesome team of talented people, we brought our eerie wonderland to all the attendees of Salon Noir in Toronto!

Gloomth Fashion Show 2011.

Thank you to everyone who helped us make this happen, to the incredible models, to our gracious composer, our rockstar hair stylist, to the audience, and to our amazing fans/friends for their encouragement and faith, to the guy who delivered pizza the day of, and to whomever invented gin (as cupcakes just aren’t celebration enough for a job so well done 😉 ).


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