Dreaming of Spring

I apologize for not posting much this week, we are in the process of rebuilding the computer/technical side of things here. However, it is now Friday and it snowed overnight. There is white fluff pooled in my windowsills and a pervasive chill creeping into my home office. I like winter for about 2 weeks and then it becomes this oppressive ugly season of salt stains on my shoes and lost mittens.

Kuroihitomi enjoys a picnic in the sun.

Aside from the excitement of wearing my ridiculous looking brand new snowboots (black Moonboots if you’re curious) the snow is somewhat disheartening as it means winter has arrived properly in our part of the world. Time to bundle up and wear giant boots for a couple of months every time I want to leave the house, petticoats flattened under coats, and hats leaving impressions on my hair in the worst ways.

LadyRakasha is impossibly pretty in the woods.

So in an effort to chase off the winter blues and the faint beginnings of “seasonal affective disorder” I am going to post some spring inspired Gloomth photos on this cold winter’s day and think about the season of new growth and flowers that really isn’t that far off.

Mouse in a spring-ish floral headdress.

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