I’m sure many of you have been as glued to the news as I have been this past few days. The news of the earthquake/tsunami in Japan is horrifying. Personally, I cannot fathom that sort of destruction- the sheer loss of life and property. It seems as though every time I watch another chunk of news or read the paper it’s worse, more heartbreaking. My heart goes out to every family affected, and thankful for my own’s safety.

Today Gloomth donated to the Red Cross’s efforts to aid Japan in this time of hardship. Every little bit helps. The Red Cross sends medical teams, supplies, and does all sorts of really great things to lend a hand during crisis worldwide. They have a specific page up now for donating to Japan aid.

If you want to donate also, it’s super easy.

You can donate right from your cell phone by texting ASIA to 30333 for an automatic one time donation of $5. You don’t even have to put pants on to do that! 😛

Or call them: 1-800-418-1111

Further information on the Red Cross and their efforts can be found on their website



One thought on “Today

  1. Donating is a really great idea and I plan to do so.

    I just wish I could actually go over there and help them out, whether it’s searching for survivors or just handing out meals and blankets at the shelters.

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