Name the Bunny! (contest)

Perhaps you’ve noticed the slightly frightening white rabbit doll that appears in the majority of Gloomth photoshoots. From hovering like a ghost above Lady Rakasha to lazily reclining in the arms of Mouse, the Bunny is nearly as famous as our models themselves!

However, all these years and the bunny has never had a name! He’s been called a lot of things, from Mr.Bunn to That-Gross-Tatty-White-Doll-Thing; but he has never had a real name of his very own.

Since it’s Year of the Rabbit (and Gloomth’s anniversary) he has adopted a bit of a prima donna attitude and refuses to pose for future photoshoots until he is given a proper name (cough-jerk-cough). So we need your help, comment (on this entry) and tell us what you would name the Rabbit and we will choose the top 3 names and put it to a vote on our Facebook fan page! 🙂

We will announce the top 3 names on the 23rd (Feb) and the voting round will go until the 1st of March on our Facebook. EXTENDING THE DEADLINE TO COMMENT WITH YOUR CHOICE OF NAME TIL FRIDAY THE 25TH!!!!

HOW TO ENTER: Post a comment here with the *one* name you’d like the Rabbit to have! One entry per email address/person, and only one name suggestion per entry!

Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 names we choose from the comments here! The official name of the Rabbit will be determined by votes on our Facebook page. 🙂

1st Prize: $150 Gloomth Gift Certificate

2nd Prize: $75 Gloomth Gift Certificate

3rd Prize: $30 Gloomth Gift Certificate

Please retweet, repost, and tell your friends about the contest! 😀


87 thoughts on “Name the Bunny! (contest)

    1. Congrats!!!! Your name pick has made it to the final round of the contest! You can vote for it (and get your friends to) on our Official Facebook!!!

  1. I love your page and your clothes! This contest is a great idea! I feel every stuffed animal should have a name. I can understand the bunny is upset and acting out. It’s simply having an identity crisis, what with not having a name and all. I suggest HOPSCOTCH as the name for the little bunny! 🙂

  2. I already posted my choice of names on your Facebook…….didnt see the rules…forgive me…….I will repost here……..I think the name GLOOMBADOOM is just darling ……it is the name of my cat doll from Skelanimals ……Deepest hugs and Sweet Shadowed Dreams >.<

  3. I would name him Sir Steven Ragtag, of the noble order of of fabric scraps (since there’s always someone who has to look after all those lovely choice bits of material left over after cutting *grin*).

  4. Orran, The same name I gave the white rabbit that rann through my back yard, and now lives luxuriously in my basement. Yes I saw a white rabbit in my backyard, chased it, caught it, and kept it. Poor thing wouldn’t have survived another day in the wild, some one released him into the wild thinking he’d do fine, he was hungary and scared, now he is full grown and lazy. In short; Yes, I chased the white rabbit, and I cauf=ght him before I tumbled down the rabbit hole, His name is Orran, and Orran is my proposed name for the rabbit in the pictures.

  5. I certainly don’t find the poor thing creepy….just very quaint in his odd little way. My vote: Lord Absinthe

    And I hope a proper name will coax him back into modelling.

  6. A bun as distinguished as he deserves proper titles. I dub him Lord Hoppington, Marquis de Sauter, First Bun to the Queen of Gloomthingdon.

    I must admit that “Maximus” made me giggle. He’s just such a quiet looking fellow, it would be adorable for him to have such a “butch” name.

  7. I’ve always had thing for donnie darko and in the movie donnie’s schizophrenia causes him to see a bunnie named Frank. I absolutely love this character and i think it would be fantastic if you named your little doll after this.

  8. Like everyone else here, I LLLLOOOOOVVVEE your clothes.
    How about naming the bunny-thing….hmm…what do you think of Crowley?
    After the occultist allistair crowley?

  9. hm… seeming as it is the year of the rabbit how about Momiji, the name of the rabbit in the zodiac from the anime Fruits Basket. I think it’s really cute, you could even call him Momo for short. ^-^

  10. I tried posting, but I don’t see it there so i’m going to try this again lol. Because it’s the year of the rabbit i’m going to suggest Momiji, the name of the rabbit in the anime Fruits Basket. I think it’s really cute & suiting. ^^

  11. I would name him George. Seriously. The models have fed him and rocked him, and so the next logical thing to do is to name him George. All allusions to a certain classic cartoon are highly intentional 🙂

  12. Name: Lutwidge.

    Why? I suggest we honor a grand original gloomth, someone who practically invented combining childlike (or childhood-related) images with slightly sinister overtones–that is, Lewis Carroll, the author of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass. “Lutwidge” was his real middle name, and I’ve always thought it should be the name of the White Rabbit in Alice.

    His name: Charles Lutwidge Dodgson; “Lewis Carroll” is latinate translation of “Lutwidge Charles”.

    1. Congrats! Your name choice has made it to the final round!!! You can vote for it, and suggest so to your friends on our Official Facebook!!! 😀

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