Velvet Mechanism Contest!

Well, the dreary fall weather has definitely settled in here, and while fog and damp are perfect for strolling graveyards it can make for some sulky mornings. So I think it’s time for a contest! Nothing brightens up a day like free stuff, right? 🙂

Gloomth has teamed up with Velvet Mechanism jewelry to offer this wicked giveaway!

Velvet Mechanism is a boutique for unique, hand-crafted, steampunk jewelry from an era that never was. We feature an array of steampunk, neo-Victorian, Gothic and Lolita accessories for men and women – cufflinks, harnesses, necklaces, goggles, corsets and more!

All items are hand-crafted from non-working vintage materials including watch movements, clock gears, skeleton keys, WWII military spats, and manual typewriter keys. Most of the materials that I work with date from the late 1800s up to the 1940s. I love giving these beautiful materials the chance to be seen and appreciated again!

You could win a gorgeous cameo necklace from Velvet Mechanism as well as a matching Gloomth Noir coat in your size! The necklace is hand made by the amazing Alison, who you might recognize as one of our models on the website! The necklace is just like the one in these photos but you can choose 1 of three frame styles for the cameo:



We love this cameo as it would suit a variety of styles from Steampunk to classic Goth! It’s elegant and eye-catching, and completely beautiful! It also looks great with our “Noir” coat.

The winner will also get a pretty “Noir” coat by Gloomth in their size! This coat has been a huge favorite on our website and is perfect for chilly autumn evenings. As shown on Alison herself!

HOW TO ENTER: Comment here on this post and let us know what your favorite item is in the Velvet Mechanism and Gloomth catalogues! The winner will be randomly selected and all entries will get a coupon after the contest closes! One entry per email address/mailing address.

Contest closes- October 2nd at 12am!

**Please tweet, facebook, and generally spread the word about this contest! The more entries we get the more excited we’ll be about doing contests and giveaways regularly.**


Winners will be announced Monday, October 4th!



70 thoughts on “Velvet Mechanism Contest!

  1. My fave Velvet Mechanism item would have to be the underbust bodice. My favorite Gloomth item {this was a REALLY tough choice XP } is the corset skirt.

  2. Ooo, it’s hard to choose a favourite, especially from Gloomth!
    I very much love the ‘Steampunk Elegant Gothic Lolita Neo-Victorian Silver Frame Cameo Necklace’ ( from Velvet Mechanism, the craft work is beautiful!
    From Gloomth, I think it would have to be the “Dauphine” cross cuffs ( They are so adorable and you can tell a lot of effort has been put into them. I love the little cross and bow detail on them, too ^^!

  3. Oooh! I love black chest harness from velvetmechanism – I’ve had my eye on it for a while. And, of course, everything from you guys is fabulous, but if forced to choose, I’d have to go with the pewter princess dress. I’m such a lolita at heart!

  4. My favorite item from the Velvet Mrchanism catalogue is the Steampunk Clockwork Beetle Silver Necklace with Bug Stamping and Vintage Watch and my favorite gloomth item is the “Sable” Satin Bell Skirt. 
    I think they would look beautiful together!

  5. Hey Guys!

    My favourite Item from Velvet Mechanism are the “Steampunk Swarovski Purple Tanzanite Crystal and Silver Watch Part Earrings”
    The only problem is……. I don’t have my ears pierced!…. I might just have to! ^_^

    AND my favourite from Gloomth is the “Kuro Lilly” Dress in Black. It just stole my heart as soon as I saw it! ❤


  6. My favourite Gloomth item is the Ghost corset skirt.
    My favourite Velvet Mechanism items are the Steampunk Industrial Silver Gear Clockwork Earrings

  7. I really like the Kuro Lily dress from Gloomth (adorahbuls) and Red Octopus necklace from Velvet Mechanisms (unique!). Really brilliant work! ^.^

  8. I’ve always loved the spats corset from Velvet Mechanism (sadly, it does not come in my size or I would already have ordered one).

    As for Gloomth, the “Opiate” adjustable skirt is beautiful (and again, tough choice!)

  9. well the harness has got to be my favourite as i just got mine in the post mmmm yummy, and the venice dark wrist cuff would look fab with it. good luck everyone xx

  10. I like that you are currently working on a men’s line! The women’s lines look fantastic…can’t wait to see what you come up with because guys need cool stuff too!

  11. I love all things cephalopod, and Velvet Mechanism’s Dramatic Dark Red Octopus is a particularly nice one.

    I can’t narrow Gloomth down to one since I’ve fantasized about buying both the Gunmetal Sulphide and the Iris dress and then not ever wearing anything else for quite a while now. (If forced to choose, I might go with Iris for the gorgeous bow, but it would be hard to give up the color and versatility of the Gunmetal… which is why I’m saving for one of each.)

  12. My favorite from Velvet Mechanism is the Steampunk Antique Silver Engraved Skeletal Pocket Watch Necklace. So pretty!

    My favorite item from Gloomth is…well, it’s the noir coat!

  13. Oh, but there are is am being so many wonderful things for to choose from! All right, I’ll go with the Steampunk Elegant Gothic Lolita Neo-Victorian Silver Frame Cameo Necklace from Velvet Mechanism and the Iris Bow Dress from Gloomth. Whew!

  14. Such pretty merch! I lovelovelove the “gunmetal sulphide” dress – Allison rocks the look. And the “Black octopus” necklace is fabulous. Playful and dramatic, what’s not to like?

  15. From Velvet Mechanism, they best item to me would be their steampunk chest harness (in black!!). It would make losing my family to the T-Virus, totally okay. >.< My favourite Gloomth item however isn't even sold anymore D=. I'd lusted over the "Tartan" corset over-skirt but instead I decided to buy the old version of the Calliope top, and the matching skirt (which doubles as my FAVOURITE petticoat X3) Since that might not count, my other favourite would have to be the Pepper shrug ^-^

  16. My favorite item (currently =D) from Gloomth; The Cult of Melancholy is the “Opiate” Adjustable Skirt. My favorite set from Velvet Mechanism is the Antiqued Silver Clockwork Dragonfly Earrings! I love Gloomth! I love contests too! YAY!!!!

  17. My favorite item from the ILLUSTRIOUS Gloomth; The Cult of Melancholy is the “Opiate” Adjustable Skirt! Yay! My favorite item from AMAZING Velvet Mechanisms is the Antiqued Silver Clockwork Dragonfly Earrings! I love contests! YAY!!!! ^-^

  18. I love the “Opiate” Adjustable Skirt from the ILLUSTRIOUS Gloomth; The Cult of Melancholy! And from the AMAZING Velvet Mechanisms, I absolutely adore the Antiqued Silver Clockwork Dragonfly Earrings! SO CUTE! I love contests!!!!! YAY!!!! ^-^

  19. Ooops!Sorry! The three people by the names; Katelyn Mahnken, Wynter Lillith and Katherine Lillith are the same people. Sorry! (Yes, I use different names on the internet =P)

  20. My favourite dress from the Gloomth catalogue would be the “verdant” dress, it’s so beautiful! I plan on wearing it to my graduation! My favourite peice of jewlery from Velet Mechanism is the “steampunk antiqued silver art deco shield watch necklace”, It’s hard to choose because ever peice is so original and pretty.

  21. My favorite thing on Gloomth is definitely the “Ghost” skirt [especially with the hoop petticoat]. It’s sooo pretty; I LOVE the fabrics and the shape.
    On Velvet Mechanism, my favorite is the “Steampunk Rare Copper Watch Movement Art Deco Necklace.” I just superlove clocks/watches.

  22. so much coveting.
    the ‘vrai noir’ autumn overcoat – who wouldn’t.

    velvet mechanism’s ‘blue glow-in-the-dark octopus necklace’ – because a girl can’t have too many cephalopods.

  23. I have to say that I love the Steampunk Chest Harness (its what first drew me Velvet Mechanisms). For Gloomth, I really like the Iris dress.

  24. My favorite from Gloomth is the Turquoise Corset Skirt, and my favorite from Velvet Mechanism is the Steampunk Chest Harness BLACK Faux Leather Underbust Bodice with Silver Gears, Buckles, Chain, and Antique Keys. ^-^

  25. For Gloomth: absolutely, positively the Noir coat. That is gorgeous!
    For Velvet Mechanism: the gorgeous corded chokers with the gear pendant. I bought one at an Abney Park concert then ordered two more! It would be great to win any of these items!

  26. From Velvet Mechanism, I absolutely fell in love with Steampunk Elegant Gothic Lolita Antiqued Brass Heart Watch Necklace, it’s very detailed and would actually look great with a blouse I recently acquired.

    In Gloomth, I especially love Pumpkin Rump Halloween Pettipants as they’re just the cutest Halloween clothing item I’ve ever see and I adore Halloween.

  27. I really love Velvet Mechanisms “Steampunk Chest Harness” and “Steampunk Rare Copper Watch” necklace. ❤ From Gloomth, I've had my eyes on the Clandestine dress and the lovely Noir Coat for quite some time now. ❤

  28. Honestly, my favorite Gloomth item -is- the Noir Coat. From Velvet Mechanism would have to be the Authentic Vintage Optical Glasses Goggles with Removable Magnifying Optical Lenses.

  29. I have *always* loved the Sweetheart corset skirt – so pink and plaid and adorable!

    And I definitely like the Antiqued Silver Clockwork Dragonfly Earrings… but everything is so pretty.

  30. I am the proud owner of a WWII Victorian Spat corset from Velvet Mechanism which is without a doubt my FAVOURITE item – as well as my favourite corset, ever (and I have a few :)). From Gloomth, I’m admiring with glee the corset skirt. But I pretty much love everything!


  31. I LOVE the Gloomth “Vrai Noir” Autumn Overcoat! On the Velvet Mechanism Etsy (items currently posted) I’d die for the Steampunk Chest Harness.

  32. My favorite is Military Iron Cross Antiqued Silver Earrings with Garnet Swarovski Crystal Beads by Velvet Mechanism and the “Vrai Noir” coat from Gloomth
    Thanks for the chance to win

  33. Well. That REALLY wasn’t easy peasy. You have so many ta die for things in both shops. However, I’ve narrowed it down to:
    Gloomth: I love, love, love the ANTHER damask dress with petticoat. I think nothing feels quite so adorable as a petticoat!

    And from your Velvet Mechanism shop: The vintage military spat corset in off white is adorable. Think of the possibilities! (all of them being on me.)

    Thanks so much for the chance; what a generous giveaway!

  34. This contest is so awesome!

    First, I am excited to see Alison’s work being talked about here. I have seen her beautiful art before ( and it is great to see it paired up with Gloomth. My favourite Velvet Mechanism piece has to be the typewriter pin.
    It is probably one of the simplest pieces on the website in appearance, but that is exactly what I love about it. I could see myself pinning it in all sorts of places, on a cuff, a collar, holding a scarf, on a purse, the list goes on and on!

    Although it may seem like too obvious a choice, my favourite piece in the Gloomth collection is the Vrai Noir coat. I have loved this coat for years, three in fact, ever since I first discovered Gloomth. I think it’s the silhouette that gets me. I can see myself wearing it my new boots just about every day. This coat is also attractive from all angles. It nips in nicely at the waist to give a very elegant back view, an angle that is too frequently (and tragically) neglected. Another thing I love about the Vrai Noir is that it does not go overboard with the garnishes. The piece is simply elegant, which allows the wearer to dress it up or down and accessorize it as they see fit. It is no wonder that I have adored this coat for years.

  35. I love the Velvet Mechanism waist cincher made out of military spats, it’s so original, but I’ve been lusting after the chest harness for ages now too, and I think I’m going to go with that as my favourite.

    All the Gloomth tops are so pretty, and the coffin coat is fabulous, that’s my favourite.

  36. I think my favorite Velvet Mechanism piece is the copper watch movement necklace shown here because for something so small, it is striking and unusual. The details of the cogs just sort of leave me staring at it in wonder.

    My favorite Gloomth piece is the Iris dress. I love, love, love purple, and while I would usually say maybe a solid purple dress is too much purple, this dress is just right. It is simple and girlie but also elegant and romantic. *drool*

  37. Ooooooo…so many pretty things to choose from. How difficult is was to narrow it all down!

    I think my favorite Gloomth item is the corset skirt.

    My favorite item from Velvet Mechanism will have to be the “Neo-Victorian Silver Frame Cameo Necklace”.

  38. My favourite from Velvet Mechanism is the typewriter ring! So original. And my favourite from Gloomth HAS to be the Avarice Shrug. It’s beyond elegant and lovely.

  39. So hard to pick just one from each but my favorite Velvet mechanism item is the Steampunk Chest Harness. For Gloomth I’d have to pick the Opiate skirt.

  40. I believe that the “Vrai Noir” Overcoat would look Deadly while cruising around in my 1969 Cadillac Hearse “Destiny.” ^X^

  41. i must say first that i have always wanted to buy something from both stores but have never had the money

    Steampunk Gothic Lolita Black Satin Choker with Antiqued Brass Clockwork Watch Centerpiece by Velvet Mechanism

    “Kuro Lilly” by Gloomth

  42. My favourite piece from Velvet Mechanism is, beyond any doubt, the Steampunk Elegant Gothic Lolita Antiqued Silver Heart Watch Necklace, but from the Gloomth catalogue, however, it was a rather much more difficult choice. Nevertheless, I was partial to the Ghost Corset Skirt, even if all of the clothes were absolutely stunning!



  43. I love so much but I do find the black leather harness very cool. I absolutely LOVE the Noir coat! All things are awesome though….

  44. I already own the Military Iron Cross earrings, and love them! But, being my age, in my 50’s, much of the clothing, although beautiful, someone my age cannot get away with wearing it, so I would have to go with accessories! I love the Steampunk Clockwork Gear & Skeleton Key hair sticks. I have a very old skeleton key I wore as a necklace ages ago so I am partial to them. As for the Gloomth site, lovely items indeed, my fav would have to be the Artimis choker with cross accents in black or purple. Looking at these sights make me yearn for my younger years so much!

  45. gloomth: the sweetheart corset skirt (WITH the petticoat!).
    velvet mechanism: the a-maz-ing steampunk chest harness.

  46. My favorite items are Mad Scientist Silver Clip-On Magnifying Double Lens by Velvet Mechanism and “Shiro Lilly”. 🙂 thanks for sharing!

  47. My favorite item from Velvet Mechanism is the Steampunk Dramatic Dark Red Octopus Necklace Cthulhu Tentacles and my favorite item from Gloomth is the Mourning Glory dress. Both items make me swoon.

  48. My favorite item from gloomth is this coat, I’ve always wanted one! This cameo is also my favorite from velvet mechanism.

  49. I personally like the steampunk heart locket necklaces at Velvet Mechanism best, and the Tuxedo dress at gloomth… lovely pieces.

  50. For Gloomth, it has to be the impetuous skirt which I own and is pretty much my go-to skirt. Altough I also am very partial to the verdant dress.

    For Velvet Mechanism, it definetly is the gorgeous steampunk harness.

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