Happy Labour Day! Since it’s a holiday and I’m the only ‘Cult staff member who is not away at a cottage or camping, I’m going to prattle on about my own obsessions for once.


Click to feed the goldfish! I am a big fish-nerd and have recently moved and had to give up my enormous aquarium. I have yet to establish a new tank in my apartment, so this silly game is a nice substitute sometimes, heh.

Fact- the fish on the homepage for Gloomth are both fish I had at the time. One is a Goby Dragon and the other is a Butterfly Fish (stylized of course).  

(Thank you local thrift store!)

It’s actually a cooler bag meant to preserve your catch, not a snazzy hat. I have yet to coordinate this awesome bag into an outfit, though I definitely intend to. Is there such a thing as Outdoor-Sports-Lolita? Maybe with a rhinestone-encrusted fishing pole or one of those orange deer-hunting caps and a dress made of that lumberjack plaid! 😛


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