Sponsorship Info ♥

Attention Creators:

The Gloomthzine does accept some sponsorship for our posts and for Gloomth photoshoots! If you create or sell something beautiful you’d like to see incorporated into one of our shoots please send us an email and tell us about it! Our photos routinely get picked up by magazines and we’ll promote your items/project wherever the photos go.

We know how hard it can be to make your voice heard and your art seen and we think it’s vital that artists and craftspeople team up to make that happen!

Options include use of your design/item in one of our photoshoots, contests/giveaways held on our blog, articles posted here, reviews by our models or by the owner herself. We can tailor make a solution with you to get the best exposure and use for your work! Items of significant value can be returned to their creators after the shoot also.

We are seeking sponsors specific to the interests of our audience. So no, your online credit checking scam website is probably not suitable. 😉

We are also happy to provide giveaways for club and subculture events! Looking to fill out your raffle prize or door prize with something special? We’d love to help.

We do not offer traditional advertising on the Gloomthzine or our website itself and likely never will. No banner ads, no paid articles.

We have worked with a variety of shops, designers, and labels successfully in many ways. We would be thrilled to discuss options with you to develop a personal approach! 🙂

Contact taeden@gloomth.com

sailor lolita headband

Attention Bloggers, Fashion Icons, Youtube Stars, and Online Nutters:

Gloomth does collaborate with online presences and people! There are loads of options for this and we like to tailor that to your audience and style. Options include reviewing clothing, modeling remotely, blog giveaways, interviews and more!

As with any of our collaborations we’re a little specific about whom we work with. This way everyone gets the best promotion and experience possible.

We have worked with loads of bloggers and collaborators in this way.

Just send us an email with some info on what you do and where we can see your work!



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