Photoshoots & Parties

gloomth nurse lolita outfit with matching apron plus size canada

Gloomth is working to share our unique universe with the “regular” world through clothing design, live events and parties, and photoshoots!

Our photography and styling work has been published in all sorts of places and it’s super easy to get your own Gloomth Photoshoot experience!

Photoshoot Parties– A few times a year we host live Photoshoot Parties where a small group of guests will get a professional Gloomth Girl makeover, a dress to keep, loaned accessories, and an on site photoshoot with our photographer! These sell out super quickly and you can keep track of upcoming ones on our site.

Individual Photoshoots- We also offer one on one photoshoot experiences with Gloomth’s photographer Taeden Hall, whether you want to borrow a dress and do a quick shoot or have a total makeover with a dress to keep! Full details on these are here.

Mini Photoshoot Parties- Do you have 4-6 friends who’d like to attend a Gloomth Photoshoot Party? We’d be happy to throw a private one just for you! All info on that is here.