Medical Curiosity Photoshoot Part 1

creepy victorian hospital photoshoot

This is my last set-design/group photoshoot of 2019!!!!!!!!!! The year is winding down so quickly and before the urge to bury myself in blankets and not surface til January truly descends I’m going to share this giant shoot in pieces all week. 🙂

I built a set with a sort of tattered Victorian doll hospital theme in mind. I had bloodied body parts from my Halloween party still and the hat made of bandaids I created for my costume.

grunge nurse doll

The props featured tons of vintage medical supplies and religious icons. I kept the outfit styling for this shoot along a grunge/shabby feel with rubber gloves and messy hair.

Today I’m just sharing photos of Giggles’ looks from the shoot, I’ll focus on the other two models we had separately since I’m pretty excited about these weird, ornate photos.

Giggles wore our “Sugar Nurse” dress (which makes a great base to lots of grunge lolita looks) and our “Cherubs and Crosses” print sun dress.

hat made of bandaids

You can find more from this shoot on flickr!


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