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In 2018 Gloomth switched to manufacturing! Since 2007 we had been making everything in house, as our audience grew we tried to keep up by hiring additional sewing help but it meant longer and longer wait times for orders. It became clear we couldn’t grow any further with that sort of business model and were disappointing clients, so after a lot of research and worrying we began looking for a new home.

The process of moving to manufacturing was far more complicated and costly than we anticipated. Our first manufacturing contract fell through unexpectedly, leaving us without a confirmed option and added months of having nothing but our print line for sale, putting out more funds to commissioning samples and testings new teams. It was a very dark and turbulent time for Gloomth. But that’s behind us now! We have luckily found a great team to make our pieces with consistent and beautiful quality, inclusive sizing, and high standards.

We just commissioned 2 new design samples to expand our base collection, which you will see featured in photoshoots for the next little while! We are so beyond excited to add these gorgeous dresses to our website collection but we need your help!!!!!!

Gloomth has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to finance our next line! Be a part of Gloomth’s misfit soul and help us get these gorgeous new styles in your hands for fall 2019!!! We’ve never done a crowd funding campaign before, and it feels super weird to be asking for support like this. We’re also going to be offering pre-orders for both designs as soon as we can so if you’d rather just buy either that option will exist shortly.

Gloomth is a sole proprietorship, I often refer to it as a “we” because I absolutely do not run this business alone- I am supported by our incredible model family, friends, and our customers. As an artist who’s often scrambling for freelance work while running an alternative clothing label you can imagine how loudly banks laugh when I inquire about financing. 😉 So we’re turning to you, the folks who have made this label possible these last 10 years! Whether you wear our style or just enjoy our photography, we could use your help!

Your financial contributions to this campaign- even as little as a $1- help us to get closer to the goal of having both these styles in stock in sizes S-5XL! By contributing you can get great rewards like an exclusive photo-book, hand written post cards, gift certificates, photoshoot sessions, and so much more. And if you’d rather not contribute money please share the campaign with your friends, more eyes means more chances to secure funding!

We chose IndieGoGo because unlike kickstarter we can access the funds even if we don’t reach our $3000 goal, we promise to use every cent (after the fees IGG/processing takes) towards ordering these designs, though if we don’t reach the goal by the end of the campaign it’ll take a bit of time. 🙂

To see the complete list of rewards please click here! Not only are there exclusive rewards, but all contributors get a special discount on our site, or access to pre-ordering one of the new styles before they’re available to anyone else!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for all of your support these last ten years, we hope to jump forward on expanding our collection with your help, and continue to make inclusive, unique styles for years to come!!!!


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