Our New “Alouette” Dress!

cute lolita witch gloomth

A nod to the French Canadian children’s song detailing the murder of a pretty bird for waking someone up (or at least an aggressive plucking of said lark). We aren’t in favor of harming animals but this morbid childrens’ song was something we grew up with even in English speaking households here, in complete ignorance of it’s gruesome lyrics.

halloween witch cute kawaii gloomth

Our new “Alouette” dress is hardly gruesome, though it’s as pretty as a doomed songbird. It features small puffed sleeves and a high square neckline trimmed in lace (3 colors of lace are available). The bodice has decorative flat corset lacing (no fussing with ties or dangling ribbons) and a lace ruffle at the waist as well as a large lace trimmed bow.

halloween witch orange hat gloomth cute poppy

The skirt features delicate swoops of ruffles and satin ribbon bows and more ruffles!

gothic fashion by gloomth in canada

Ideal for autumn, it would look decadent worn to a Halloween masquerade or strolling the graveyard.

Available in 8 colors of cotton with corresponding choices of lace.

Check it out here. 🙂


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