Model Interview with Ashavari!

victorian mourning dress


Ashavari is one of the newer Gloomth Girls and she is absolutely adorable! Probably one of the most positive people I’ve ever met and just a lot of fun to have at a shoot. We’re sitting down with the Gloomth Girls over the next while to do little model interviews so you can see how wicked clever and fascinating they all are! 😀

How did you get started modelling? How long have you been modeling? Do you consider yourself a “professional model”?

It all started when my friend wanted me to do some Indian bridal shoots for him. I just did it because he needed a face and I’ve never seen myself in Indian bridal outfits with my hair and makeup done all fancy. 

I never thought modeling for real was even an option, but he convinced me to use some of our photos to develop a model mayhem profile, so I did. I got quite a few gigs on there and managed to avoid creeps successfully! I’m definitely done with the whole Indian bridal thing and I’d much prefer to express myself further with creative shoots instead. I’m working towards being a somewhat recognizable POC alt model around here haha but I’ve got a long way to go. I only started modeling last year around June lol, so there is no way in hell that I’d consider myself a “professional model”.

ashavari model gloomth

How did you choose your Gloomth model nickname?

Ashavari is just my first name, but it’s a name that I identify a lot with. Ashavari is the name of a raag, which is a melody based on a certain scale in Indian classical music. In Western classical music, the scale used for this melody is equivalent to the Aeolian mode (for all you musicians out there!) and it is traditionally played around dawn or in the early morning hours. I identify with this name because I’ve been playing piano and singing since I childhood. I am also a morning person, despite the fact that I love to sleep in. I was born in the morning and oddly enough, I find that I am most productive and most at peace in the morning. This is core to my being, so the name Ashavari is good enough for me to identify with in all my fields of expression! ^_^

Tell us about the craziest photoshoot you’ve ever participated in! Any silly mishaps?

The craziest shoot I’ve ever done was in the middle of a blizzard in the Don Valley area. The photographer and I really wanted a magical, winter shoot but it just so happened that the day we could shoot was the day that a storm was brewing. The lighting setup took about an hour and a half, so it was dark when we started shooting and I was FREEZING. Never again lol. As much as I love winter, I think after that experience, I will only shoot for 10 minutes on a beautiful non-icy blizzard day where it’s super sunny and not very cold.

What’s your favorite Gloomth outfit?

I’d have to go with the Tuxedo collared-dress!! It’s so simple and cute, and looks good in every setting! But I have to say, the dresses from the Memento Mori collection are beyond amazing!!! I can’t pick just one as a favourite

What do you do outside of modeling?

I sing! I love to sing in my band, At Dawn’s Edge and I love singing soprano in my university choir! Collaborations with friends are really great too . I also adore cosplaying and going to conventions! Dressing up in general has always been a favourite pastime.

How would you describe your personal style? Do you prefer to dress up or be a slouch?

I have a style, but it’s kinda random. I’d describe it as avant-garde if I had to describe it at all. I go from the classic metal-chick look, to medieval/witchy stuff in the summer, sometimes old-school (like think 1940s LOL) or honestly? anything that’s got pleather, black lace with platform boots and magical, shiny accessories. Or space cats. I really like wearing my space cat dress. XD

victorian mourning dress

What five things do you have with you in your bag/purse/whatever at all times?

My cellphone, my keys, my Presto card, red lipstick and I guess my wallet haha

If you had a marketing slogan or tag-line for yourself what would it be?

Embrace everything”. Whether it’s the things I’m obsessed with, the stuff I like to do, the things that make me happy… I just like to embrace everything with wide open arms . A positive outlook is better than constantly thinking about how one is limited. Feeling limited leads to being unhappy, but if we embrace everything, there’s nothing stopping us from being elated by our experiences. ^_^

What do you spend most of your online time doing?

Browsing facebook and updating my page. Sometimes listening to music on youtube or browsing ebay but that’s about it haha.

Top three worst movies you’ve ever seen?

Queen of the Damned (they RUINED the books >.<)

Twilight (ew)

Underworld: Awakening (this is the 4th one in the series. It doesn’t exist in my eyes)

Where else can we find you online?

Welp, I’m a social media junkie! I update these sites the most:



A giant thank you to Ashavari for putting up with our lengthy interview! I’m sure we’ll see her in loads more Gloomth shoots. 🙂



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