Silly Photos from the Week

Friday, again! I am doing my best to sticking to personal updates for the end of the week. Seems like 2013 is going by so quickly, I can hardly believe it’s August already. I’ve not done many of the summery things I had hoped to so far as it’s been so hot here in the city. Now that the heat has broken I’ve been trying to catch up on enjoying the fruitful season. I hope you are checking off your summer list too!

Here are some personal photos from the few non-Gloomth parts of my life. πŸ™‚

cat in a box

I made a box “fort” for my two kitties as I was trying to get some crafting done and neither were being very helpful. Atticus seems to think it’s his own personal apartment however and hangs out inside of it much of the time.


I met a wiggling-arm-tube-man thingy! I am weirdly fascinated by these stupid inflatable advertising things. Especially when they get all dirty and weathered. This one was brand new looking and as my friend tried to take the photo it kept swooping down and whacking me, which was unpleasant.


I look so frumpy there with Wiggly Inflatable Dude, that would be my “everything is in the wash but I want to go fabric shopping anyway” ensemble with vintage peignoir…Ugh.


Had a minty party dress made! I’ve been wanting a mint/pastel hued 50s inspired party dress for ages, and finally found the right shade of tulle this spring! It’s so fluffy!!! (mspaint face lift).


Summer doesn’t like me. My skin can’t decide if it wants to be a big rash or just develop another 10,000 freckles per square inch. Wanted to share my nifty 1960s starburst flower brooch (love 50s and 60s brooches)! I found it at the flea market in the little town my parents live in. Small town flea markets are the best for finding ignored jewelry, hats, and silly pastel planters!

abandoned teddy bear in a dress

Spotted this fancily dressed one-eared bear(?) hanging out by a parking garage…..


I’m off for the long weekend to visit the countryside and swim! So looking forward to being out of the noise of the city for a couple nights. πŸ™‚


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