Special Outfit Deal for June!

We’re going to try implementing something different for a little while and see how it goes. Each month we’ll post a new Outfit Deal here in the ‘zine and on our website! It’ll be a complete look- jumperskirt/dress/skirt, blouse/jacket/shrug, and special surprise coordinating accessories!

The total package will be discounted and will be available in both standard sizes and custom tailored. All of our color options will be included in the deal also. 🙂

June’s Outfit Deal Includes:

“Viola” Corset Skirt– This lush cotton skirt is perfect for all sorts of coordinate styles. Be dark and Gothic in black, or grab it in peach pink for a sweeter feel! It laces through industrially set grommets tucked in beside decadent ruffles. It also has a back zipper closure for convenience. Shown below worn over a fluffy petticoat.

corset skirt gothic goth

“Aristocracy” Blouse- This classic blouse is a great basic to have on hand! Instantly create a Victorian doll feel when paired with our “Viola” skirt, or wear it with trousers for a lovely work look. Available in a variety of colors sure to suit any style.

gothic victorian blouse

Mystery Accessories- The only hint we’ll give for these is that they will match the color you select for your outfit. 😉

Package price for standard sizes: $150!!!!!!

SAVE- $20!

The deal is available here.


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