Tae’s Halloween Costumes 2012

I had two costumes this year, neither of which turned out exactly as they appeared in my head. It was a crazy busy autumn with events and our usual Halloween rush and I’d left preparing my costumes til way too late. Bad, bad Taeden. That being said, I had a ton of fun dressing up and incorporating goodies from my closet into costume outfits! I didn’t manage to get any lovely photos of either outfit (these make my apartment look dark and hovel-esque) but these will give you an idea of what my costumes were. 🙂

(click the photos to enlarge them)

My first costume was a Punk-Gothy Tooth Fairy! Complete with fake piercings and giant stompy goth boots. I confess, this costume was pretty last minute but I like how it turned out anyway.

I made the big stuffed teeth in my hair, and made a black dress with a tooth on the front. I wore it with an old studded cropped jacket of mine and some tights/spiderweb fishnets. My makeup was very smudgy and dark, with silver fake piercings all over- including a silver nose ring! I do not think multiple facial piercings would be a good daily look for me but it was interesting to see! 😀

The second costume I had was super quick to put together. Sort of a vintage Gothic Circus outfit! I hand-dyed and then painted this cotton dress with black stripes (maybe not so flattering on my figure) and made a matching little carousel hat of the same fabric. Paired it with my favorite vintage top and some patterned tights- voila!

What did you dress as? Did you wear anything by Gloomth?


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