Gothic Gardens

The time for planting gardens is over in our area, but we can still enjoy the late blooming summer flowers and plants decorating our grave sites (oh and gardens, of course, heh).

Haunted Garden

A walk through eerie tangled vines to collect poison apples and wolfsbane at dusk. If I had a garden (stupid apartment building) I’d plant black pansies, black cornflowers, and the well-named black prince snapdragons!

What would you plant in your dream garden? Only poisonous witch’s stock flowers and plants? A carpet of thorned vines? Roses in the richest red? Cucumbers? 😉

Small Stories-t


3 thoughts on “Gothic Gardens

  1. Black hollyhocks and dark burgundy calla lilies also look well in a gothic garden, I just planted some this spring! Can’t wait to see them growing :}

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