Model Interviews- Mouse

The Gloomth models are a little more like family than staff for us, as we tend to work with the same people repeatedly. If I mesh well creatively with someone it’s wonderful and worth revisiting time and again! We have systematically interviewed all the models in our regular roster in an attempt to show that they’re really as cool as they look. Some will also be providing articles for the ‘zine in the future!

Mouse is one of our most recognizable Gloomth models, a shapeshifter with a real talent for makeup and unique poses- you can find her in our catalogue wearing everything from frilly Lolita gear to slick Aristocrat styles (and rocking it all). She has suffered many of my ridiculous photoshoot concepts including balancing a huge heavy pumpkin on her head, sundresses and antlers in the snow, and dark abandoned buildings- all with the same passion and dedication. 

Now with 20% more horns.Apple?Chromaggia wearing a pumpkinbrrryeah~

I harassed Mouse with a bunch of questions which she patiently answered. Here are the results:

Gloomth Model Name: Mouse
Current Age: 17
Horoscope Sign: Aquarius

1. How did you get started modeling?
I was a customer at first, I didn’t live too far away from the designer Taeden so instead of paying shipping my dad and I would pick up the order at the production office, after a few orders Taeden had offered to have me as a model, and I jumped for it.

2. How long have you been modeling? Do you consider yourself a “professional model”?
Almost 2 years now, I don’t consider myself professional, that kind of mentality can be scary, I think of it as fun.

3. How did you choose your Gloomth model nickname?
Chromaggia is the bird of death, I have an odd love for birds so it only seemed appropriate to me.

4. Tell us about the craziest photoshoot you’ve ever participated in! Any silly mishaps?
The craziest photoshoot was probably the “ice eyes” shoot, being that it was on an actual ice sheet above flowing water in 10 inch high platform boots, it was kind of scary, but that made it exciting.

5. What’s your favorite Gloomth outfit?
I really love a new top called “Aristocracy” and am deathly in love with the “Mon Chou” bloomers.

6. What advice do you have for girls (and boys) wanting to break into the modeling world?
My advice would be, really learn to know yourself first, the modeling world can be stressful and self esteem crushing, make sure you have total faith in yourself before diving into the deep end.

7. How did you find out about Gloomth and get involved with us?
I was reading some makeup article that Taeden did, it was about pale skin I believe, and Gloomth was mentioned so I took a look, fell in love, became a customer and then a model hehe.

8. What do you do outside of modeling?
I’m just trying to get out of highschool and make some comic books. Cartoons and superheroes are a passion.

9. How would you describe your personal style? Do you prefer to dress up or be a slouch?
I only dress up when I’m going out, when at home I’m pretty bland, but outdoors and at friends I cover up in lacey things, frills, high heels and red lipstick. If there is a word for it, I’d say classic goth.

10. What five things do you have with you in your bag/purse/whatever at all times?
No matter what I have my cell phone, ipod, makeup, keys, and eye drops for coloured contact relief.

11. If you had to have a marketing slogan or tag-line for yourself what would it be?
You need to suffer before you can truly appreciate happiness.

12. What do you spend most of your online time doing?
My online time is mostly spent on reading comics, looking at art, and staring at clothes I can’t afford.

13. What’s the one thing you love and wish everyone else knew about?
I’d definitely have to say the magic of lounge music, a lot of people think it’s just for flappers, but the more recent acts can be really beautiful, a good, more popular example, is Fiona Apple.

14. Top three worst movies you’ve ever seen?
Twilight, Juno and Saw.

15. Where else can we find you online?

About gloomth

Gloomth is a love letter to the misfits of the misfits. Our blog covers strange lifestyle inspiration, diy ideas, our clothing label photoshoots, and more. Written by Gloomth designer Taeden Hall.
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